Freelance Website Marketing Services

For many years I’ve been working as a website marketing professional. I’ve dealt with all kinds of clients, helping them improve their websites to get more traffic and ultimately make more money.

During the last few years I have also been offering keyword research services on a freelance contract basis. I have been finding it quite enjoyable to work directly with an ever greater range of clients.

So I decided to start offering freelance website marketing services via this blog too. As I worked with some great freelance contractors I also decided to offer their services here.

The services that I currently can help you out with include:

  • Keyword Research – receive help choosing the best keywords to target for your blog or website to get more quality traffic that converts well.
  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis – get professional opinion about any potential SEO problems and tips on how to better market your blog or website.
  • SEO Link Building – contract out your link building to get your website climbing up the search engine rankings and watch your traffic gradually increase.
  • Writing Services – fulfill your writing needs by hiring an experienced blogger, whether it is for ghost writing, staff writing, article writing or something else.
  • Design Services – outsource any design work including blog themes, website design, logos or avatars. Or get wordpress technical help with any issues you can’t figure out.

Ordering Freelance Website Marketing Services

If you are interested in ordering the above services or want to discuss potentially outsourcing other services, please contact me. Be sure to include any relevant information which may assist in determining your needs.

An e-mail address for paypal payment will be provided once terms have been agreed upon. Turn around time depends on the scope of the project.

Customer Testimonials

I am proud of the testimonials that I have received from people who hired me for freelance SEO work. Obviously customer reviews go a long way in getting future business, but I also genuinely want to help people. With my name and career on the line I definitely try to over-deliver.

Click here to read my customer testimonials.

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 29 Apr 2012
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