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Learning how to leverage travel rewards credit cards to your benefit takes some research and experience. We’re here to help with our review of The Travelocity Rewards American Express Card. This card is easy to apply for, use, and understand. We’ll give you all the good and the bad below.

Travelocity Rewards American Express Card Short Review

A Travelocity Credit Card like this is a great choice if you use agencies like Travelocity. Barclays offers this card to people in the residents of the US with excellent credit. For this set of people, frequent travelers are the target demographic, especially those who want to earn lots of rewards while they’re on the road. This Travelocity American Express card will toss you a pile of bonus points when you make an initial purchase. Another bevy of points will be on its way when you spend the right amount during the first months of your account. We’ll go a little more in depth about the Travelocity rewards program in the long review.

Travelocity Rewards American Express Card Long Review

One great thing about this card is the fact that you can earn point without paying any yearly fees. Furthermore, there are a possible 10,000 points to be had when you use your new card in the first three months. There are plenty of opportunities to earn 3x the points with certain Travelocity purchases for the life of your account, and you’ll always earn a point for every dollar you spend, no matter where you spend it.

Points can only be redeemed for Travelocity expenditures, but the rewards are greater as you save up morie and more points. For instance, 25,000 will get you a proportionally higher discount on hotel or flight costs than 5000 points will. What is more, you can use your points any time, even on holidays and other busy travel times.

On the other hand, you don’t have any reduced APR for opening a new account. Standard APRs apply right from the get-go, with better rates going to those with better credit, of course. Also, you can’t use your statement credit for just any purchase; it’s only good for Travelocity expenditures.

Who Should Consider the Travelocity Rewards American Express Card?

If you are a traveler with excellent credit, you can use this card to earn 3x the points for using Travelocity. There are a lot of free points to be had (10,000) within the first days of your new card. There is no yearly fee either. There are other travel costs that offer larger benefits, but this card makes it simple to start out. If you are loyal to Travelocity and the way they make all aspects of travel easy, then this card is an obvious choice. Even with the present terms, there’s a lot of money to be saved on travel with the acquisition of a Travelocity card like like this one.

Rating: 4.6 / 5
Travelocity Rewards American Express Card ratingTravelocity Rewards American Express Card ratingTravelocity Rewards American Express Card ratingTravelocity Rewards American Express Card ratingTravelocity Rewards American Express Card rating

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By : Adam | 5 Sep 2014
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5 thoughts on “Travelocity Rewards American Express Card Review

  1. Alex @ CreditCardXpo

    The 10,000 bonus points is indeed very attractive. I guess the only not so good thing about this card is that it requires excellent credit just like any other American Express card offers.

  2. Derek@LifeAndMyFinances

    Sounds decent. I have seen other cards that are offering 40,000 bonus points, but you have to spend $3,000 in the first three months. I don’t honestly think I could spend that much, and if I did it would be because I was trying to spend money. This kind of defeats the purpose of winning the points in the first place.

  3. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank

    This is what is good in having American Express. I can get a point from whatever I buy which is not usually found in other cards. Sometimes I can earn as much as 3x when there’s promo so getting 10,000 points is easier. Amex once let me use point for my hotel reservation even it was a holiday! Thanks to Amex.

  4. Jon @ Money Smart Guides

    I never even knew this card existed. When my wife and I traveled for our honeymoon and used rewards to fly first class for free, I quickly became addicted to earning rewards. Of course, you have to be cautious so that you don’t go into debt while earning the rewards.

  5. Steve Burgess

    All travelers or business entrepreneurs can make use of this card, by saving few bucks out of their pocket. But it is also important to take care of personal finances without thinking too much of reward point.


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