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RankBlog Name
Social Media
Total Score
1Money Wisp0.6700.10.26
2Traveling Wallet2.3304.652.33
3Personal Finance Engineer6.6701.142.6
4Personal Finance Today1.6707.863.18
5Surviving Our Debt0.3311.651.14.36
6Reaching Our Balance4.6710.541.35.5
10Early Retirement Guy9.67012.677.45
11The Lion's Shares5.67017.817.83
12Income Succession Plan1706.527.84
13Finance Foes316.674.197.95
14Dividend Family Guy16.3308.578.3
15Quit Your Day Job 10116.3309.198.51
17FI Under the Big Sky6.3310.419.98.88
19The Fake Cheap2.67025.519.39
20Frugal Finance Journey1.3320.676.39.43
21Ladder Investing5023.619.54
22Divorced and in Debt1.3312.0915.689.7
23Frugal Goals2.6719.597.239.83
24Gold and Property1.3322.95.639.95
25Dividend Driven816.916.1610.36
26Dividend & Whisky15.33015.8910.41
27Average Joe Finance2.3326.274.5311.04
29Do it, invest!2031.9511.32
30Jamie's Money Advice2.6727.814.0711.52
31Money Habits 1012.3326.845.8111.66
32Shedding Dead Weight5.6723.246.3911.77
33Three is Plenty19016.5811.86
34Liberty Loves Company188.749.8312.19
35Dividend Gamer0.6720.2217.1512.68
36Cash Syndrome1010.8919.2913.39
37Money Is Your Friend20.3314.335.5313.4
39My Road to Wealth and Freedom18.3314.028.3113.55
40Dividend Life17.678.7314.4913.63
42Bright Cents7.6732.292.8914.28
43The Wealth Brick Road7.3326.189.5114.34
44Adventuring Dollars610.3328.114.81
45The Hecht Effect33.33011.114.81
46Millennial on a Budget18.3315.4510.8114.86
47Debt Gal10.3317.4716.8314.88
49Debt Free After Three1.6743.280.115.02
50Save to Splurge22.6714.188.2715.04
Connect with the top personal finance blogs at FinCon

Want to see the net worth of top finance bloggers? Check out the blogger net worth tracker on Rockstar Finance. Nice work putting together that list J$!

How to Use the Top Finance Blogs List

This list is meant to help people find new finance blogs by comparing various stats related to traffic, SEO and social activity.

If you care more about a specific statistic, click on the column heading to sort the list by that statistic.

You can also click the 3 buttons in the top left to view the data that is used to calculate the score in each category. When you click these buttons it will hide the overall scores for that column and instead show specific statistics for that category.

Statistics Used in the List

People not involved in blogging or website marketing may not be familiar with the specific stats used in the top finance blogs list. Here is a quick breakdown:

Alexa Ranking: A scoring system that tracks which websites get the most visitors using the Alexa browser toolbar or if websites are using the Alexa button. In their system the lower the score the better, with the most popular website getting an Alexa Ranking of 1. It is the only stat used in this list where lower is better.

Compete: Their traffic ranking system uses a panel of 2,000,000 Americans to attempt to get an overall representation of which websites get the most traffic. They claim they have the largest 'panel' for judging traffic levels and that they are from diverse sources.

SEM Rush: Judges a website's search engine rankings based on volume and cost of that traffic if it were paid for with AdWords Pay Per Click advertising.

Twitter: List how many people are following the blog's official Twitter account.

Facebook: List how many people have liked the blog's official Facebook page.

Klout: A system which aggregates together a blogger's social following and engagement on multiple platforms to determine who has the most social influence online.

Google PR: Traditionally Google PageRank reflected how strong a website's backlinks are, but there is belief that it now also considers some factors beyond just backlinks. The problem is that it updates quite infrequently.

MozRank: A very similar system to Google PR, but it updates much more frequently and is more precise. More emphasis seems to be on actually judging the value of each backlink.

Majestic SEO: The number of backlinks reported by Majestic SEO. The number of backlinks for a domain often reflects how strong a website's SEO strength is. This score just doesn't factor in quality which is important too.

Domain Authority (DA): Represents Moz's best prediction for how a website will perform in search engine rankings based on various link metrics.

Page Authority (PA): Represents Moz's calculated metric for how well a given webpage is likely to rank in's search results. It is based off data from the Mozscape web index and includes link counts, MozRank, MozTrust, and dozens of other factors.

How the Top Finance Blogs are Ranked

This list attempts to give equal weight to the 3 main areas that blogs are judged statistically.

The total score is simply an average of the blog's scores in the main categories.

Within each category, blogs are compared against one another to see who has the strongest stats. Scores are assigned based on what percentage of the blogs on the list they have stronger stats than.

The stats in this list update every Sunday. Unlike other lists we do regular updates and don't just update certain stats.


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