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TradeKing Review – Exclusive Review of TradeKing Brokerage Clarkgym12 Comments


Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for this week’s review! In true Clarkgym review fashion, we’re bringing it back to investment platforms with an inside look at TradeKing. I’ve noticed several bloggers around the personal finance blogosphere talking about it, so I figured why not take a look myself? Here’s what I’ve found out!

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TradeKing Short Review

TradeKing Pros – TradeKing is incredibly competitive when it comes to pricing. With trades under five bucks, you don’t have to spend half of your investment in fees to get started! TradeKing has great customer service as well. One of my favorite things about TradeKing is that through the use of forums and groups, they have created a community of investors that are really willing to help eachother out.

TradeKing Cons – With the low cost of trades at TradeKing comes one thing that I really don’t like. They don’t have very intuitive research and analysis tools. Although they do have some tools, they definitely aren’t on top when it comes to the world of technology in finance!

TradeKing Overall -…

By : Josh Rodriguez | 8 Nov 2013
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