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Prosper Loans – Review of the Loan Process Clarkgym3 Comments


Peer to peer lending has always been around. Parents lend to children. Friends let friends borrow money. With online P2P lending, the practice has entered the mainstream, and has enjoyed higher levels of legitimacy due to stronger government oversight since 2008. For those hoping to acquire a loan through P2P lending sites like Prosper, the process is blessedly simple. We’ll outline the steps you can take, with tips along the way, in our Prosper Loans Review.

Check your Prosper rating. This ties in closely with your Experian credit rating. Only borrowers with scores of 640 or higher can apply, because these are the most likely to predictably repay their loans. Prosper ratings are as follows: AA, A, B, C, D, E, and HR. AA rated borrowers enjoy the lowest rates (advertised at 6.73% at the time of this writing), much lower than they could get through a bank or credit card company. The grades go down with your Experian credit score, all the way to HR (High Risk). These borrowers will get the highest rates offered to Prosper borrowers because they are the least likely to make a dependable return on their loan.

Note: For those with…

By : Adam | 15 Aug 2014
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Prosper Review – For Borrowers

By : Josh Rodriguez | 23 Apr 2014

We’ve been taking a close look at several different apps for quite a while now. A few months ago, we did a detailed review of Prosper, but noticed that there was something wrong. Prosper has two sides; it’s designed for both investors and for borrowers. …

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Best Peer To Peer Lending Sites Review

By : Josh Rodriguez | 24 Jan 2014

Peer to peer lending gets more and more popular with every passing day. The simple fact is, consumers and small businesses enjoy the low cost loans, and investors really seem to love the returns offered through this kind of investment. So, today, we’re going to …

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Should I Use Prosper To Diversify My Profile?

By : Josh Rodriguez | 12 Dec 2013

Hey everyone, Josh here again. I recently went back to the Prosper review I did a while back and did what I could to beef it up a bit. I wanted to provide more, in depth information on the option, and I may do it …

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