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How to Pay For Your Lawsuit Clarkgym3 Comments


Lawsuits are one of those things that most people know nothing about until they are involved in one. People sue for all kinds of reasons, but the situation nearly always involves some kind of emergency. Because over half (of Americans, at least) of surveyed respondents have enough savings to cover an emergency, many individuals simply don’t have the resources to finance a lawsuit. Still others will find themselves bankrupted in the process, whether or not they win their case.

People have difficulty financing their suits for a variety of reasons. Savings isn’t the only issue. Some are suing because they have been injured. They are unable to work and saddled with sudden medical expenses. For others, the length of a suit and trial simply drags on too long for even well-stocked savings accounts. Finances should not be an issue for those seeking justice, but for many they are anyway.

Enter Cash in Your Case lawsuit funding. Cash in Your Case is just one proven provider of this type of financing (sometimes called pre-settlement funding or lawsuit loans) but they are one that we know and trust. The process looks like this. Because cases can stretch out for weeks, months,…

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By : Adam | 2 Dec 2014
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