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Yet Another Reason Dave Ramsey Is Wrong! Clarkgym17 Comments


Thanks for joining me for my third post bashing Dave Ramsey’s principals. OK, so these posts are a bit rude. The truth is, Ramsey has a butt load of followers that follow everything he says religiously. Although without reading between the lines, his plan does seem fundamentally sound.

However, when you consider the fact that no one plan can work for everyone, it’s easy to see how Ramsey’s repetitive lessons could be leading you down the wrong financial path. Today, we’re going to talk about Dave’s stance on debt and why I believe that the stance is wrong!

Dave Ramsey’s Views on Debt

Ramsey absolutely hates debt. He’s got a strong stance that all debt is bad. He believes that if you have debt, it’s better to put aside savings and investing and tackle that debt full force. He wants his followers to get out of debt at all costs.

There’s Only One Major Problem with This Idea

Not all debt is necessarily bad debt. The idea that every debt you ever accumulate is a bad thing is absolutely absurd. As a matter of fact, you can use debt to help your money make more money for you. I know that sounds strange, and…

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By : Josh Rodriguez | 12 May 2014
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Dave Ramsey Shouldn’t Be Teaching Finance Volume 2!

By : Josh Rodriguez | 5 May 2014

To be honest I’m not the type of person that really likes to rag on people and their ideas. So, when I was presented the opportunity to write this series, I was naturally a bit concerned if it was a good idea or not. However, …

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Why Dave Ramsey’s Ideas on Credit Are Crazy

By : Josh Rodriguez | 28 Apr 2014

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? Of course you have. He’s a well know personal finance expert with a following that I could only dream of. However, I’d also like to point out that the man is absolutely crazy. OK, so maybe I’m being a …

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Choosing A Visa Card Design

By : Adam | 22 Apr 2014

The following is a guest post about visa card design. If interested in submitting a guest post please read my guest post policy and then contact me. Who wants a boring debit card? Say goodbye to the dull standard versions issued by your bank. With a …

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How Important Is It To Have A Credit Card?

By : Josh Rodriguez | 17 Feb 2014

Credit cards are one of the most widely accepted ways to pay around the world. However, just because something is widely accepted, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something that you should have. For instance, cigarettes were widely accepted years ago, and it’s definitely not nor was …

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How To Get The Most Travel For Your Buck

By : Josh Rodriguez | 13 Jan 2014

Travel rewards credit cards are all the rage these days. The truth is, just about everyone out there loves to travel. The vast majority of consumers in developed nations use credit cards. So, when you attach travel rewards to credit cards, it’s bound to be …

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Scotiabank Gold American Express Credit Card Review

By : Josh Rodriguez | 1 Nov 2013

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for this week’s review! Today, I’m going to bring it back to Canadian credit cards with the Scotiabank Gold American Express credit card. This one has gained a bit of buzz lately in the blogosphere. So, I figured I’d …

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