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MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard Review – MBNA Cash Back Credit Card Clarkgym13 Comments


Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for another Clarkgym Review! I’m Joshua, the guy behind a lot of the investment product reviews here. I’ve been talking a lot about investment services and, it’s time to switch it up a bit. Today, I’m going to talk about a Canadian credit card that seems to be taking the market by storm, the MBNA Smart Cash credit card.

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MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard Short Review

MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard Pros – MBNA is a good overall lender. They’re one of the largest and mos trusted lenders in the market today. This is a cash back credit card with a great plan. You can earn a bunch and, I’ll get into detail on that in the long review! Also, the Smart card has no annual fee which makes it easy to earn free cash!

MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard Cons – I’m not a big fan of the interest rate structure. Yes, you get a good promotion for 10 full months, but the standard rate is 19.99%. It’s not as…

By : Josh Rodriguez | 6 Sep 2013
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