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Getting $150 Free Cash Money from Tangerine – Canada Only Clarkgym2 Comments


First of all, this offer is only available to Canadians. So any US readers might as well jump to the next post. I’ll try to make it up to you

I’ve actually been meaning to sign up for an ING Direct account for a while now. I figured it would be a good spot for a small emergency fund. Apparenly I’ve been waiting so long that they went and changed their name to Tangerine.

Since I was in need of some extra money I decided to finally give in and sign up for an account. The ‘extra money’ was to be as a result of their introductory offer for new accounts.

To be honest I was originally expecting a $25 bonus and for how little time it was going to take me, I was happy to take the offer. From what I had heard when someone refers you, both of you get a $25 bonus.

So then how did I get $125 instead?? Did I open 5 accounts in various aliases?? I have no idea if that would work and I don’t advise you go that route.

No what I did was completely legit. …

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 16 Jul 2014
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