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Hey everyone, Josh here for another review. We’ve spent the last few months talking about investment platforms, money management apps, and credit cards. Now it’s time to get into something that we all need to think about, credit scores! Let’s face it, your credit score is the most important 3 digit number you’ll ever come across. The only problem is, no one seems to know what their credit score actually is! So, today, I’m going to do a review of Scoremio. The name may seem new, but don’t worry, it’s going to get big. If they continue to play the right cards that is. Follow me through this review to find out why I say that.

Scoremio Short Review

Scoremio Pros – The first thing I noticed about Scoremio was that their price is $2 cheaper than the competition. After the free trial, you will only pay $17.99 for their services. Another thing I like is their simple to understand platform. You won’t have any hard times finding the data you’re looking for.

Scoremio Cons – OK, so this one is less about Scoremio and more about the free credit report industry as a whole. Truth is, Scoremio doesn’t seem to have anything that I would look at as a unique down side. The only thing that I don’t like is that they’ve fallen into this industry game of hiding the price until you’ve given information. On the homepage, you see “Free, Free, Free”, but if you look for the price of the membership, you can’t find it anywhere. I read the entire F.A.Q. page, as well as the home page and I couldn’t find one mention of the cost of membership. Again, this is nothing uniquely against Scoremio, but this is a message to the free credit score industry as a whole! Come on guys, get it right! Consumers appreciate up front honesty!

Scoremio Overall – Overall, Scoremio is one of your best options. They offer everything their competitors do with the same quality of service. You’ve got the credit report for $1 along with a free credit score. You’ve got your ability to monitor and create alerts. You’ve got your piece of mind, and for $2 less a month than most. The only downside is that the free credit score industry as a whole does everything they can to hide cost until they have your contact information. Unfortunately, this is another company that has decided to take this route.

Scoremio Long Review

Scoremio is a relatively new company in the free credit score industry, but they’re definitely making waves. Scoremio did something that I think every company should try to do. They took a product that was out there, they made that product better, and they decided to sell it for less. With a great marketing plan, that just can’t fail, and they are reaping the rewards of their great idea!

When it comes to free credit score systems, there’s really not much to talk about when it comes to price. Just like everyone else, Scoremio offers a free credit score. Just like everyone else, they offer a credit report for $1(Even charges $1 for the report). What they offer in savings is on the monthly fee. As mentioned above, their fees are only $17.99 per month as compared to the industry standard of $19.99. So, it’s not a huge savings, but hey, every dollar counts.

What Scoremio did best however is offering a better service. I’ve used other systems, and often times, it can be so full of information that the entire system seems to implode under it’s own convolutions.The bottom line is, if you start to put too much in a small space, it starts to get confusing. This is where Scoremio changed things. Their platform is so simple you could probably train a monkey to find what you’re looking for. Using a basic structure and language we all understand, they’ve created a masterpiece.

However, the fact that it’s a very basic platform doesn’t mean that it lacks in capability. As a matter of fact, it’s the exact opposite. You can look at your credit score from a percentage view on different categories with a simple to read bar graph. Your credit score is displayed with a simple speedometer like gauge that gives you an idea of if it would be considered bad, fair, good, or excellent. It even makes ways to improve your credit easy to find! Overall, they’ve done a great job with this platform.

As far as the downside goes, they really don’t have a unique downside. The only thing I don’t like about them as I said above seems to be industry standard these days. They are one of the companies that you have to give your information to in order to see the fees. I really think that all free credit score companies should be more honest about their fees. It’s not going to turn us off if we see “Free Trial…then $17.99 per month). What turns me off about the industry as a whole is that they don’t show the cost until they get your information. Scoremio…You’re better than that guys, you’ve created a great platform with a fair pricing model. Now it’s time to change the industry another way. Show your price on your home page!

My Overall Thoughts About Scoremio

As I mentioned above, I think Scoremio is a great option. I really do. They’ve created a simple to understand interface and they’ve done it for a really good price. I would recommend them to any of my friends or family members. I just hope that someone in their company reads this and takes my advice on changing the everyone hide your price part of the industry.

Scoremio Review

Rating: 4.4 / 5
Scoremio ratingScoremio ratingScoremio ratingScoremio ratingScoremio rating

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By : Josh Rodriguez | 22 Nov 2013
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5 thoughts on “Scoremio Review

  1. moneycone

    Thanks for the detailed review and your thoughts on this service. Got a question… what score(s) is shown to the user – FICO, Vantage or all three?

  2. Skip Lahti

    Thanks for the honest review! Yes, we have chosen not to reveal the price of the membership right up front – like everyone else. But we do this not to be cagey or deceptive. We do this because we really want the visitors to our site to check us out and read what we have to offer – before they make a decision based on price alone.

    We are a new player in the industry but all the principals in our company are industry veterans. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve tried to put together a simple, easy to use, easy to understand credit reporting site using the latest technology and information available. Our philosophy is to provide true value to the consumer on an ongoing basis. We have a lot of cool features that we will be rolling out over time that should really set us apart from the crowd.

    We hope you and your readers stay tuned to our developments and keep us in mind for your credit reporting needs. Feel free to send me a note with any suggestions!

    Thanks again!

    Skip Lahti


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