Recommended Financial Bloggers

What?! You’re bored of Clarkgym already? Do I have to beg you to stick around?

Fine, I tried. Here are some other personal financial bloggers to check out after you’ve dug through the archives here. :)

I’ll be sure to add more blogs to this list, but these are the main ones who have helped me out early or that I’ve been enjoying lately. More blogs will be added soon. Please e-mail me if you think your blog should be included. Hopefully I didn’t miss any good friends.

For a more extensive list check out the Clarkgym Top Finance Blogs List.

You may also be interested in checking out the top Canadian personal finance blogs. There’s plenty of great blogs to check out there too.

I might as well throw in a plug for my e-commerce store that is in the works

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 9 Feb 2012
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