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Debt is something that few consumers are a stranger to. Throughout recent years, a major financial recession has caused overwhelming debt for many households. If you’re facing this battle, you may feel like there’s no way out. At least, until you start looking for relief options. Then you realize there’s a lot of options out there! However, most of them involve handing control of your debts over to a third party, but I’ve found a great do it yourself option. Today, we’re going to take a look at ReadyforZero in a detailed review to see if it’s a good option for you to help pay off your debt quicker.

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ReadyforZero Short Review

ReadyforZero Pros – You can be successful with ReadyforZero without turning your debts over to a third party. The program is designed to help you create your own sustainable debt relief plan, and it’s a great plan. They make setting and tracking your goals simple with detailed charts. Also, they allow you a way to track your credit score movement as a result of paying down your debts. Another thing that I think is pretty neat is that you can link your accounts online and pay your balances right from the ReadyforZero dashboard.

ReadyforZero Cons – I don’t usually say this. I’m serious, check my other reviews, you won’t find it anywhere else. After going through the ReadyforZero free option myself as a test, I couldn’t find 1 thing that I didn’t like about it. There was no cons.

ReadyforZero Overall – Overall, I’m actually surprised by ReadyforZero. Their services are great. The platform is a personalized debt management system without you having to pay thousands of dollars for someone else to do it for you. Not to mention, the FREE option is really all you need. There are benefits to paying for credit score tracking and automatic payments, but in all reality the free option will get you on your way to debt freedom. After trying it out, you can decide if you’d like to upgrade for the perks or stay in a free account.

ReadyforZero Long Review

As with all of my reviews, I like to start with price. Which in this case is one of the perks. You’ve got two options with ReadyForZero. The free option, or a paid service. As I said above, the free option is enough to get you going. However, if you’d like your payments to be made automatically for you, and to track your credit report, you’ll have to upgrade. The upgrade won’t cost you much though. Here’s how it works.

  • ReadyforZero Plus – This can be billed monthly at a rate of $7 per month, or annually at a rate of $75 per year. It comes with automated payments to avoid late fees, interest and savings charts, and credit score monitoring.

How ReadyforZero Helps You Get Out Of Debt

ReadyforZero helps you to create a payment plan for your debts that follows along the lines of what many of us call the snowball payment method. The method is designed to tackle higher interest rates first while keeping a consistent total payment amount as you pay off your debts. You start by paying the highest interest rate first. When that’s paid, all money you would have sent to that account goes to the next highest interest rate account. As you pay off accounts, your payments to the next highest debt get larger and larger, hence, the snowball effect.
Aside from helping you create your debt relief plan, here are a few other ways they help…

  • Graphs and Charts – To help you visualize what’s happening in your financial world ReadyforZero offers detailed charts and graphs that make tracking your debts fun.
  • Securely Link Accounts – It could be a pain to input every change on an account into the program. Instead, you can link your accounts to your dashboard and it will automatically report payments made, savings, and interest paid without you inputting any further data.
  • Automatic Payments (With Plus) – If you opt for ReadyforZero Plus, you’ll be able to set up automated payments to help avoid any late fees you might encounter otherwise.
  • Credit Score Monitoring (With Plus) – As you pay off your debts, your credit score will rise. Get the extra inspiration by tracking those credit score improvements on detailed charts!

My Overall Thoughts of ReadyForZero

ReadyForZero is a great service. You can go with the free service in the beginning, and as you get debts paid off, and decide it’s time to start tracking your credit score, you can start paying for the services. The credit score tracking is just as beneficial as many $21 per month services, so the $7 per month cost is really a no brainer.

ReadyForZero Review

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By : Josh Rodriguez | 10 Jan 2014
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