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This would be where I am supposed to ramble on about a bunch of technical jargon to assure people that this blog will not compromise your privacy in any way. I assume on most sites almost nobody would be bothering to read this. If a site was going to maliciously abuse your privacy, do you think they are going to actually admit that they are doing something shady such as selling your contact info or trying to install sneaky tracking software. You do not need to worry about me doing anything unethical like that. I stand behind my name and reputation.

Anyways, in case people are paranoid or need extra reassurance, I will detail the very common ways I do use your info. I don’t want to be blamed in case you are later browsing on a less ethical site with some squeaky clean privacy policy. At Clarkgym, I am committed to protecting your privacy.

Website Cookies

No this has nothing to do with tasty chocolate chip cookies or any other baked goods….mmmm cookies. Did I mention I have a major sweet tooth? Enough of the distractions! The actual cookies I am referring to are basically little text documents that are stored on your computer storing basic settings such as website username or your settings for that website. This is standard practice used by pretty much every website which needs to store settings for future visits. My blog may create a cookie on your computer to maintain your blog account login or other setting specific to this blog. No personal details about you are stored in these cookies.

These cookies are completely optional. If you do not want to accept cookies from this blog or any other website, you can change your privacy settings including cookie usage in your web browser settings. This may result in a slightly less desirable user experience.

Traffic Statistics

Another extremely common practice used by a majority of websites is to accumulate general info for traffic statistics purposes. This allows the website to track traffic levels and how people interact with their website. The Clarkgym blog follows this practice to help provide the best experience. This traffic data is not tied to any personally identifiable information. It is general technical info such as visit duration, pages visited, web browser & operating system used, country and referral source. I use the most popular traffic statistics platform and do not collect any additional traffic related data beyond that. The aggregated data collected is only used for internal site optimization purposes.

If for some reason you are not comfortable having this anonymous information shared, you can disable javascript in your browser preferences. This should also disable similar traffic statistics collection from other websites provided they use javascript for tracking.

E-mail Newsletter

To provide further assistance, my blog offers an e-mail newsletter. Subscription to this newsletter is optional. I will never add your e-mail to my subscriber list without your consent. If you choose to subscribe, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to opt-in. So even if someone else were to enter an e-mail address other than their own, the subscription would only be activated if you opt-in via the confirmation e-mail. Ignoring the confirmation e-mail leaves the subscription inactive.

This newsletter will only include e-mails from me personally. I will not let others pay to send an e-mail to my subscriber list, although in addition to advice, the newsletters may contain affiliate advertisements, which I get paid based on referral sales. I will never sell, trade, rent or give away your e-mail address or any other details from the subscriber list. That info will remain completely confidential. I may ask for your name for personalized communication, but it would not be used beyond that. It would also remain confidential.

If you later decide to unsubscribe, there is an ‘Unsubscribe’ link in each newsletter e-mail. This will automatically remove your e-mail from my subscriber list and you would not receive further newsletter correspondence from us, that is unless you later subscribe & opt-in again.

It may be required to subscribe to my newsletter in order to download exclusive info, but you are able to unsubscribe right away.

3rd Party Websites

Included in posts on this blog and in advertisements, there are links to external 3rd party websites. My privacy policy does not extend to these websites. While I do make a point of only linking to websites I trust, I do not have personal knowledge of their website security or specific privacy policies. Once you leave this blog to another website, you may want to refer to the privacy policy on that website. I cannot guarantee that every website I link to is 100% safe. Those 3rd party websites could get hacked or compromised without my knowledge. It would be impossible for me to verify things like this on each and every link on a regular basis. It is highly probably that all of these websites are secure and committed to your privacy, but it is your responsibility to verify this, especially if you are providing and sensitive personal info.

Blog Post Comments

On most blog posts on Clarkgym, you are able to post comments to give your opinion or join the conversation. This is a privilege and not a right. I reserve the right to remove or edit any comments that are unsuitable for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to spam, foul language, harrassment and self promotion.

When you do make a comment on this blog, you will be asked to provide your name, e-mail address and website url. The website url is an optional field, but if provided it is included with your comment on the blog for others to see. If you are not comfortable having that url displayed with your comment, you can leave the url field blank. The name entered will also be displayed with your comment. You are free to use just your first name or nickname if you do not want to display your full name. The name field is not for keyword rich links. Any such abuse will be edited or have the link removed. The e-mail address is required, but is only used for verification purposes to prevent automated spam. Your e-mail address is confidential.

Contact Clarkgym

If there is anything that is not clear or if you have questions, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to reply.

This privacy policy was last updated on January of 2012. Any changes to our privacy policies will be noted here. You are welcome to check back for updates.

By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 21 Jan 2012
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