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For business professionals who have an increasing need to make a permanent impression with their potential clientele plastic business cards are the perfect way to stand out.  Unlike paper cards that end up in endless stacks or immediately tossed in the garbage, plastic business cards are so unique that people will keep them handy.

Let’s look at a few items that will help make your business card stand the test of time.

Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards I

With traditional paper cards, the second that it comes out of the box it starts to deteriorate.  They smudge, wrinkle and tear.  If a drop of water is dropped on them, they start to bleed.  Not plastic business cards!  You can bring them out with you in the rain and all you need to do is wipe them off and they are good as new.

Clear Plastic

Clear Plastic I

Not many people in the general public have ever experienced a plastic card and definitely not a clear card.  Once you hand them your card, they will undoubtedly wave their hand behind it or hold it up to their face to look through.

Custom Shapes

Custom Shape

Along with the unique look of plastic, a unique shape can reinforce your brand.  Whether you have a custom card made in the shape of your logo, or find a shape that represents your business (like a house shape for a Realtor) it will not go unnoticed.

Key Information

Although the points above will put your cards up a notch, you don’t want to forget the basics to include in your cards.

  • Company Name
  • Professional’s Name
  • Title
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Website

Adding all of this information can sometimes overwhelm the design of the card.  One way to assist in keeping the information included, but still keeping it simple is the use of a QR code.  You can utilize a QR code for a vCard with all of your contact information, a link directly to your website or even direct the phone to dial your number.


We spoke with our friends at about an offer for our wonderful readers.  They have graciously offered a FREE set of 250 one sided clear plastic business cards to one of our readers, including shipping to US or Canada.  To enter, comment on this post with one tip that you use to keep your company memorable. Contest ends November 7th, 2014.

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By : Adam | 29 Oct 2014
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10 thoughts on “Making an Impression With Plastic Business Cards

  1. Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom

    I definitely think that these cards would stand out from the crowd and would last forever. So it would be good for word of mouth type advertising because the card can be passed among friends.

    They may not be appropriate for eco-friendly businesses though.

  2. Sylvia Greenlee

    The plastic card is a brilliant idea. I can write on the plastic card with a dry erase marker for personal comments. That way if I want to share the card as a business referral after noting my personal encounter in my records I can then erase the notes & pass it on as new.

  3. Canadian_Sadie

    We have matching hot pink shirts, and purple bags. Not my favourite colours, certainly, but definitely memorable! A tip I learned from my dad as a kid–his drilling rigs were all baby pink and everybody around knew who he was!

    I’d love to win the cards!

  4. Jen Carl

    I wanted my name to be memorable. I would love these though! I think they would stick in potential clients minds:)

    Keeping my fingers crossed:)

  5. Jamie

    this is such an innovative idea! I absolutely love it, I am in the accounting field and meet with a variety of clients on a daily basis and would love to give these to my clients.

  6. Moneycation

    Interesting idea; plastic business cards last longer, so you can be assured they will be less likely to end up in the trash. They also stand out more than paper cards because they are thicker and differentiated. Depending on how well they are designed, they can also convey brand better. All these factors help boost exposure in the business card game. Also, even though plastic business cards cost more, they have potential value and benefits.

  7. Brennan

    These are especially effective at turning your business card into a special offer, eg “Free Month of Service.” People feel like you’re really giving them something of value when it looks & feels like a gift card, and it encourages them to stash it instead of throwing it away.

  8. Kipp

    At my wife’s company they print wood business cards, which is pretty cool. And they can also foil stamp the words on top of the wood cards. I think either way, wood or plastic, would be a unique way to grab someone’s attention!

  9. Alejandra Escobedo

    I write “thank you” on my business cards and have a script that I say when I hand them to my potential clients.


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