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You cannot underestimate the power of carefully choosing quality keywords to target. If you don’t take the time to target the right keywords, you’ll end up targeting keywords that nobody searches for or ones that are far too competitive.

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Also I have started offering a service specifically for helping bloggers choose keywords to target with their posts. With this service, you provide me a list of topics you plan on writing about and I give recommendations on which keywords you should target with each post. I try to take into account the current strength of your blog and which keywords you would be most likely to rank well for.

Or you can give me a general topic that you want to focus on and I can research related keywords. That way you can write a series of posts are centered around that main topic.

If you are looking for keyword research help with a commercial website I can help you with that too. Contact me for a custom quote.

Just be aware that keyword selection alone does not guarantee increased traffic. It is just one piece of the puzzle. Your blog or website still needs a strong backlink profile to achieve high search engine rankings. If your blog or website does have good backlinks, you don’t want to waste that by targeting the wrong keywords.

As a SEO professional of over 12 years, I have done a ton of keyword research. Almost every website I have ever worked on has required some level of keyword research. Even if the previous marketing team has chosen keywords to target, I can’t just assume they chose the best keywords. Keyword trends may have changed or they may not have taken competition into consideration. Worse yet, they might have just guessed at keyword selection without doing any proper research. Personally I wouldn’t want to leave something so important to chance.

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Also consider outsourcing some of these other tasks:

  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis – get professional opinion about any potential SEO problems and tips on how to better market your blog or website.
  • SEO Link Building – contract out your link building to get your website climbing up the search engine rankings and watch your traffic gradually increase.
  • Writing Services – fulfill your writing needs by hiring an experienced blogger, whether it is for ghost writing, staff writing, article writing or something else.
  • Design Services – outsource any design work including blog themes, website design, logos or avatars. Or get wordpress technical help with any issues you can’t figure out.

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 16 Jun 2013
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