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Death takes a toll on anyone. Nobody is exempted when it comes to death. It does not discriminate, nor does it know your profession or status in life. One way or another, we are all going to die. Here is a quick round-up of 7 Golden Tips To Help You Save For Retirement On A Small Income.

Why Do We Need To Plan Our Death?

When we die, it’s the family or the people that were left behind that suffer the most – financially, emotionally and spiritually. We may not be able to control their emotions, but we can at least prepare them for what’s going to happen. To lighten up the burden of our families, to say the least, preparing for our death is actually a good idea.

Dealing with the details of death and burial can be very emotionally and physically excruciating. It would be great if dealing with death is as easy as changing the color of your hair just like what Abigail Breslin did, making her unrecognizable by other people.

When you have already planned your death, you are basically removing the burden from your family. Instead of them thinking of the place where you should be buried, how much they will they pay for the burial, how much will the cemetery charge or is your body going to be cremated or buried, you can spare them of all this burden and at least, let them relax a bit.

Having a memorial plan may not be a good idea to some but it is actually sensible to invest in one. When you are already facing the dawn of your life, it is great to know that your family is already set without you and you going away will not cause your family so much trouble. Of course, there will still be emotions, but at least you have subtracted a great deal from the equation.

If one is to create five steps to living a fearless life, among them is financial freedom. Everyone deserves to leave a confident life. That is why everyone deserves financial freedom, and everyone should experience it – not only a selected few.

Why Retirees Need Financial Freedom

After years of hard work and countless times being away from home, each retiree needs a break and do the things they have always wanted to do. Although it is true that retirees receive a retirement plan for their years of service, it may not be enough to support their lifestyle and the things they wanted to do.

More and more employees nowadays realize that retirement is not far from today. So while they are still young and able, they already save for their not so distant future. They may live a thrifty life at this moment, but they will be rewarded for their sacrifice in the future.

Instead of just depending on their retirement plan, more and more adults are now discovering that investment is indeed a good source of secondary income. You may have second thoughts due to the failing economy, but there are still industries that are worth investing on. Finding the right formula for investment is the best answer for why quitting your job might not be a bad idea.

Fighting For Your Financial Freedom

When we are still young, we don’t really think about retirement, but we should. We may not earn that big, but we should find ways on how to segregate even just a few dollars for retirement. There are certainly ways on improving your finances by gaining control over the person in the mirror. For starters, a lifestyle check is a must. Most of the time, we spend on things that we don’t actually need and waste a great amount of money for nothing. Instead of spending on unnecessary things, make a list of the things you actually need and stick to it. The money you save should go to your savings.

If a dog can drive a car, what can you achieve? You could achieve so much more. That is why you should never give up the idea that you could achieve financial freedom. All the scrimping that you did and all the savings you made during your working days would have accrued an interest and is more than enough to sustain your lifestyle and a bit more for investment. You may need to live a frugal life during your younger days, but that is only because you are smart enough to plan for your future.

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By : Adam | 23 Jan 2014
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8 thoughts on “On Dying, Retirees, and Fighting For Your Financial Freedom

  1. Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

    I would argue that young people stand to benefit more from putting the money they scrimp and save into investments rather than savings accounts with pitiful interest. Sure, savings are a good idea for emergency situations and even some short term goals, but getting money into sound investments asap has proven to be the most effective way for me to grow my money- at least in my experience.

    1. Derek @ MoneyAhoy.com

      Compounding interest will always win in the end! I’m trying to educate my kids and get them setup so that they can start investing (vs. saving) when they’re 9 or 10 – you’re right. Investing early is really the key!

  2. moneysavingdude

    I agree with you on those Bill. Investing for a memorial plan is indeed a good thing to make sure that the ones you have left won’t have to spend much on your burial.
    It’s too awkward for young people like me to plan for our burial early in our lives, that’s why I think I’ll just be doing that later in my life.

  3. Bryce @ Save and Conquer

    My wife and I have filled out wills and health care directives that leave all our stuff to each other, and then to our son. We have term life policies to cover early death. When eventually die, we both want to be cremated with ashes spread at sea. Since we live close to the ocean, this is much cheaper than a burial plot.

  4. Jeremy Norton

    My parents always tell me that now that I got a job of my own, I should work hard and save as much as I can also for the future of the whole family. So that when I get older, me and my kids will have a good life ahead especially when I reach my retirement age.


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