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How Do You Envision Retirement? Clarkgym50 Comments

Watch this video for a great story of the beginning of retirement.

How many of you have thought about that day when you’ll suddenly stop working and begin retirement?

Do you have a long bucket list that you’ll start tackling with earnest?

Or are you the type who is always so busy that you just want to have time to relax and take it easy?

For others it may simply be too far away to have a realistic idea of what they will do once they are retired. I know I personally fall into that category.

I’d probably get bored just sitting around relaxing and settling into a routine. Instead I’d need to have something to do to fill my days. Maybe I’d take on some hobbies or maybe I’d dedicate my time to some kind of charity work. Regardless what I wind up doing, I know I’ll want to have a fair amount of freedom and minimal strict commitments.

To achieve that kind of freedom, I realize that I need to start planning now while I am young. I know I can’t just ignore retirement planning and put off saving money….

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By : Jeremy Biberdorf | 4 Oct 2012
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