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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Credit Card Clarkgym37 Comments


Hey everyone, thanks for coming back for another Monday Money! I’m Josh from C.N.A. Finance and, I fill this column with great tips on how to save, make and borrow money. Today, I’m going to talk a bit about credit card mistakes. The truth is, helping consumers with debt has taught me a lot of what not to dos. Not to mention, I’ve made a few of these mistakes myself. Here are 5 things you shouldn’t do with your credit card…

Use It For Cash Advances – Cash advances are the worst balances that you can build up. This is because they tend to come with much higher interest rates than standard purchase. That in it’s self sucks but, it gets worse! If you make minimum payments, your payments are allocated to the balance with the lowest interest rate first. Therefore, your cash advance balance with the high interest rate sits untouched and you end up paying tons more than you thought you would in interest!

Make Large Purchases – Surprisingly enough, I’ve talked to people that have purchased cars with their credit cards for 0% promotions. The bottom line is, larger purchases should be made using a form…

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By : Josh Rodriguez | 26 Aug 2013
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How To Get More Bang For Your Swipe!

By : Josh Rodriguez | 12 Aug 2013

Hey everyone, I’m Josh thanks for coming back for another Monday Money! I’ve talked a bit about cash back credit cards in the personal finance blogosphere and it’s sparked quite the conversation. It seems like credit card rewards have been popular from the day they …

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Horizon Gold or First Progress, Which Is Best For Credit Improvement?

By : Josh Rodriguez | 5 Aug 2013

Hey everyone and thanks for joining me for another Monday Money! Today, I want to discuss a couple of credit cards that are known to improve your credit score. I want to go over this because misconceptions of both of these cards have lead many …

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Uncovering the Truth Behind Myths Surrounding Your Credit Reports

By : Adam | 25 Jul 2013

The following is a guest post about credit reports. If interested in submitting a guest post, please read my guest posting policy and then contact me. Now and again, we might need to get our hands on some form of credit. From the smallest short-term …

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Balance Transfer Credit Cards Are Best Friends And Worst Enemies

By : Josh Rodriguez | 22 Jul 2013

Hey everyone and welcome to the Monday Money of the week. Just in case this is your first time joining me today, I’m Joshua Rodriguez. I write on several financial topics every Monday hoping that my tips will help consumers save or make money. That …

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Credit Sesame Review – In Depth Review of Credit Sesame

By : Josh Rodriguez | 19 Jul 2013

Hey everyone, Joshua Rodriguez here again for another review. Now, we’ve gotten into a couple of investment services and a credit card, now, it’s time to talk credit scores! Your credit score is a gauge of your financial stability and a key component to being …

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Bouncing Back After Credit Card Hardship Programs

By : Josh Rodriguez | 8 Jul 2013

Credit card hardship programs are a credit card debt relief option that has been used by many consumers in different stages of financial hardship. Offered by many major lenders, these programs help consumers by reducing interest rates and setting a constant payment plan in motion. …

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