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The Real Secret to Rewards Credit Cards Clarkgym13 Comments


The following is a guest post about rewards credit cards. If interested in submitting a guest post, please read my guest post policy and then contact me.

You could probably write a book about all the different strategies and advice on how to maximize your credit card rewards or how to choose the best one. Airlines, hotels, and banks have all jumped into the foray of offering rewards credit cards. “Get 7 free nights,” “double miles,” “free checked bag” are all offers that they use to entice us into signing up for their credit cards. It is so easy to get sucked into the trap of having way too many credit cards and not enough rewards. How are we supposed to see through their smoke screens and get the most out of our rewards?

1) Points, miles, and nights are all fluff –cash is king. Ever looked at your rewards statement and tried to figure out exactly how much 45,000 miles are worth? Or how many “free’ nights” it’ll take to stay in that really nice hotel at the beach? Oh yeah, restrictions and blackouts and fees to redeem my free flight? Ugh. Rewards are just a way for companies…

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By : Adam | 29 Jan 2014
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How To Get The Most Travel For Your Buck

By : Josh Rodriguez | 13 Jan 2014

Travel rewards credit cards are all the rage these days. The truth is, just about everyone out there loves to travel. The vast majority of consumers in developed nations use credit cards. So, when you attach travel rewards to credit cards, it’s bound to be …

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myFICO Review – Free Credit Score Reporting

By : Josh Rodriguez | 13 Dec 2013

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for this week’s review. Over the last while, more and more personal finance bloggers and experts have been stressing the importance of FICO scores. The bottom line is, your FICO score is most likely the most important 3 digit …

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Are Rewards Credit Cards A Danger To Society?

By : Josh Rodriguez | 2 Dec 2013

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for this week’s Monday Money. I’m Josh, the guy behind this column, and today, I want to talk a bit about an email I received about rewards credit cards. The writer of the email seemed a bit angry that …

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Scoremio Review

By : Josh Rodriguez | 22 Nov 2013

Hey everyone, Josh here for another review. We’ve spent the last few months talking about investment platforms, money management apps, and credit cards. Now it’s time to get into something that we all need to think about, credit scores! Let’s face it, your credit score …

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Scotiabank Gold American Express Credit Card Review

By : Josh Rodriguez | 1 Nov 2013

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for this week’s review! Today, I’m going to bring it back to Canadian credit cards with the Scotiabank Gold American Express credit card. This one has gained a bit of buzz lately in the blogosphere. So, I figured I’d …

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MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard Review – MBNA Cash Back Credit Card

By : Josh Rodriguez | 6 Sep 2013

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for another Clarkgym Review! I’m Joshua, the guy behind a lot of the investment product reviews here. I’ve been talking a lot about investment services and, it’s time to switch it up a bit. Today, I’m going to …

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