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How to Double Your Happiness by Flipping “Your Gap” Clarkgym16 Comments


The following is a guest post. It is a rebut to my recent post about sacrificing work life balance for business.

Our appetite for success is necessary to reach our goals and dreams but it can also hurt our happiness.

We all have a vision of what we want our future to be.

“I will make X dollar every month” “I will be financially free” “I will run my own business” “I will live in a big house and drive a sports car” “I will travel the world” “I will be debt-free”…

And that’s great because we need a vision to accomplish our dreams. That’s what we’ve been trained to think. “If you want to be successful be ambitious, be bold and determine what you want.”

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The problem is that it’s also very dysfunctional, if you postpone your happiness to the future.

This is what the entrepreneurship coach Dan Sullivan call the Gap.

The Gap is the period during which you delay your happiness in the present until you reach your objective. In this Gap you tell yourself things like:

“I am going to…

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By : Adam | 19 Aug 2014
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