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This Carnival credit card is an excellent choice for those planning to cruise with Carnival, Holland America, or Princess Cruiselines.

Carnival is the largest cruise line in the world, offering service to many of the globe’s most exciting and exotic locales. For cruise lovers, this Carnival MasterCard offers a bevy of “fun points” right out of the gate, after an initial purchase and balance transfer.

Carnival World MasterCard Short Review

This MasterCard offers fairly low barriers for entry, including a low APR, many attractive perks, and no annual fee. Those who qualify will need at least a fair credit score, with APR dramatically improving with your credit score. For those that cruise on the regular, onboard purchases rack up a LOT of points very quickly on a Carnival MasterCard, with all additional points performing relatively well also. All of this is just another incentive to enjoy the world’s largest and most varied cruise line. Carnival is constantly revamping their many ships with new furnishings, performances, and features. There is a very low APR on balance transfers within the first 9 months.

Some competitors offer more points and rewards after initial purchase, but it is important to remember that Carnival enjoys its market share and reputation for a reason. The Carnival experience is unlike any other, so it’s important to weigh your options if Carnival credit card rewards are the only deciding factor. Once aboard ship, you’ll see for yourself why Carnival has the largest market share of any cruise line.

Carnival World MasterCard Long Review

If you love Carnival cruises and take one every now and then, a Carnival credit card like this will help you rack up points to make your next trip all the better. If you haven’t cruised with Carnival before, a carnival cruise line credit card can make big cuts in what you pay for various aspects of your vacation.

Your points are known as “Fun Points”, and they count double when you make Carnival Cruise transactions as well as purchases made onboard Carnival ships, charged to your Sail and Sign account. Non-Carnival points accumulate very much like normal vacation cards of this type.

With a Carnival cruise line credit card, you get a pile of points right after you make your first purchase, with more points for every dollar you spend thereafter, for the first 30 days of your account. Enjoy one of the lowest APR’s you’ll ever find on balance transfers during the first 9 months, as well as a very low balance transfer fee. For those interested in just how much of a discount they could see on an actual cruise, it takes only a few thousand points to see three figures of savings. That’s great news for those considering an already affordable Carnival cruise.

Your points can be redeemed on Carnival as well as Holland America and Princess cruises. You can also see discounts on airline purchases. While cruising, there are many opportunities to redeem points onboard, with lots of amenities and packages to choose from.

Final Thoughts

This card is a great choice for Carnival devotees and travelers of all stripes. While other cruise lines may offer slightly bulkier point offers and things of this type, the overall quality of the Carnival experience and the reliability of their offers will give you an experience you will remember forever. Carnival makes it easy to earn and use your points at any one of their dozens of ships in and around the world’s most exotic and exciting locales. Get out there and see the world, with a Carnival World MasterCard.

Rating: 4.6 / 5
Carnival World MasterCard ratingCarnival World MasterCard ratingCarnival World MasterCard ratingCarnival World MasterCard ratingCarnival World MasterCard rating

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