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In today’s virtual world, it’s surprising that there are still brick-and-mortar stores and offices still in existence. With the modern technology, it seems as if almost every business can ditch the real office and instead opt for a virtual office.

Some business owners have already made the switch, and some are still holding on tight to their real storefront or office. Like anything, there are downsides to a virtual office, but there are also many benefits to having a virtual office that you should consider to determine if you too should make the switch for your business.

Virtual offices are cheaper to operate.

In most cases, a virtual office is much cheaper to operate. You don’t have to pay rent on a building, and you don’t have to pay utilities for that establishment either. Plus, you don’t have to pay maintenance fees to upkeep or remodel the building either, which is a huge plus. Instead a virtual office is something you can do from anywhere, whether your home or even poolside if you’d like. Only having to pay for the essentials, such as an Internet connection and any other virtual office technology you may need is much more cost-effective, and can save you a fortune.

With a virtual office, you can still collaborate with your team of employees too. Video conferencing, cloud-based software and other state-of-the-art technology can ensure that your business still runs just as smoothly as it would if you and your team were constantly face-to-face.

Virtual offices allow you to impress clients.

Some companies think that going virtual means having to find a random place to meet clients, and this could mean looking unprofessional. But they’re wrong. With a virtual office space, you have access to conference rooms, meeting rooms, a business address, and all the amenities of a physical business without having to pay for one.

Virtual offices increase employee morale.

If you run a virtual office, you may just find that your employees are happier to go to work—and that they’re more productive. Your employees will enjoy not having to physically go to work in the morning, especially if it involves ditching a long commute and wearing pajamas to the “office”. As long as you stay in contact with your employees, and as long as you still provide fun get together every now and then, you may just find that your employees are happier. This boost in employee morale not only increases production, but it reduces turnover, and that’s a huge benefit to your business.

Virtual offices allow you to acquire the best employees.

When you have a physical establishment, you are limited in the employees you can have. Obviously, you can only employ employees who live close enough to commute to your office. While you may have decent employees in the area, having a virtual office allows you to acquire employees from anywhere in the world. Because of this, you can hire the most talented individuals for the positions you need to fill, and this can be beneficial for your business. Plus, if you employ individuals who live in another country and are on another time zone, you can actually run a 24-hour business, and this can be extremely beneficial to your bottom line.

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By : Adam | 4 Nov 2014
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8 thoughts on “Benefits of a Virtual Office

  1. Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    One of my friends has a client who is a German national. They started their virtual office last year, they have 15 members in their team and they told me that setting a virtual office is totally a big advantage of them because they can work online. Their client arrived last week to meet them personally.

  2. Derrick Horvath

    Acquiring the best employees is one of the huge benefits of a virtual office. Just think about it, if you require your employees to come into the office everyday you probably only have a 30 mile radius of individuals to choose from. But with a virtual office you have all of Earth to choose from.

    In my town “pop-up” offices are coming up all over the place. This might be the perfect balance of a physical office and a virtual office.

  3. Thomas @ i need money ASAP!

    Virtual offices are pretty cool but I find I’m not as productive. I’ve been reading a lot about shared office space and some of the new shared spaces that are being created in New York and Chicago. These places are neat because there are a lot of like minded individuals that you share the space with. People you can network with, discuss ideas with etc. Seems like a great idea for a new/small startup business.

  4. Mrs. Frugalwoods

    I definitely feel more productive on the days that I work from home as opposed to going into the office! Plus, I can take short breaks and walk my dog, which I love. I wish that I worked virtually all the time, but, I highly doubt my office would ever make the transition.

  5. Steven Gressley

    I love the virtual office concept. It allows for so much freedom for freelancers. However, many parts of the virtual office can apply to just about any business to save time.


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